Our Story

Our mission is to empower Main Street to live the American dream through education, tools and resources.

As a small business owner, you are driven by your expertise in something you love — be it guitars or coffee, cars or carpentry — to strike out on your own and share your passion. You know your craft well, and every day you do a million, tiny heroic things to keep your business moving forward. You run marketing campaigns. You do finances. You manage employees. And you do it on your own.

Unless you’ve had formal business training, it’s hard to master all of the business skills needed to take on your toughest challenges. Going to class can take you away from spending time on your business. Knowing when to pay for help can be stressful. And the information you find online or in books is often generic and impractical.

At BusinessBlocks we are driven by our passion for fixing that. We want to make it easier for business owners, like you, who are experts in their field — painters, dentists, or dog walkers to master the things they need to know to succeed.

We know
Small Business

Justin Kulla, our founder and CEO, is the son of small business owners himself. He started the company in 2015 to provide a way for small business owners like you to build up your knowledge and learn the skills to make your business succeed.

See our CEO talk about his dreams and why he started Business Blocks

See our founder talk about why he started BusinessBlocks

Our Values

We celebrate the bravery of small business owners and entrepreneurs who build the fabric of our communities.

We empower each other

We believe that people make a business great. We value different experiences and shared ownership & accountability.

We embrace honesty

We welcome honest feedback. We treat every win and loss as a learning opportunity—a chance to do better and grow.

We celebrate curiosity

We believe our best ideas grow out of enthusiastic collaboration and a spirit of curiosity. We never stop asking why.

We work with heart

We love small business. We make it our purpose to connect with our customers because our best work starts there.

Why we do it

Small business owners are some of the hardest-working people we know, and we're passionate about helping them succeed. Meet some small business owners who inspire us with their dedication and drive.