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Retaining Customers By Listening and Learning From Them

When I talk to small business owners and ask them what their customers think of them, they are always quick to say, “Customers love us!” However, when I follow up with the question, “How do you know customers love you,” they become less confident in their responses.

Watching This From A Cluttered Desk? Stop.

Endless meetings aren’t the only thing hurting your productivity. A cluttered desk filled with receipts and stacks of paper is impacting not only how your tackle the day, but how much you get done. Even a lack of exposure to natural light can deeply impact your entrepreneurial spirit. Watch our video for steps on how to make sure you’re setting yourself and your small business up for success:

VIDEO: The Science Behind Selling

No matter where you turn, someone is trying to sell you something. But, what works? Reciprocity. The act of giving someone something for free -- be it a demo of your product or a even a mint after dinner -- makes them more inclined to purchase. You give them something so they should give you something -- it’s only fair.

Help! My Emails Aren’t Getting Opened!

Marketing consultants are expensive and if you’re like most small business owners, you’re wearing many different hats from sales representative and IT to product developer and marketing head.

Video: What Makes Content Go Viral?

Anyone who contacts you promising to make your blog post viral is probably scamming you. Whether it’s a cat video or a substantive product evaluation, it’s pretty much impossible to create content that’s guaranteed to go viral. Nevertheless, you should still try and learn from what does become popular and use that to make your content even more engaging. Plus, then you content is ready for prime time if you does get showered with love from the internet. So what exactly does that mean? Well, check out our video on small business marketing fundamentals you can follow to increase your odds for more sharing of your content: